Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a method of producing visual images from invisible thermal radiation (heat). Its role as a cost effective and active maintenance aid and fault finding tool is unmatched.

It provides an instantaneous means of identifying problem areas and can locate faults that more conventional maintenance methods are unable to do.

In a commercial or industrial context, thermal imaging provides a quick and efficient method of finding electrical and mechanical components that are operating above their correct temperature. This is often an indication of a potential costly failure that is imminent,

Every inservice electrical or mechanical component will at some point fail, consequential influencing factors often accelerate this path to failure. Thermal imaging allows us to visualise problems and identify those “influencing factors” to ensure plant and equipment remains operating within the allowable tolerances.

A distinct advantage of this non-contact technique is that surveys are carried out under normal working conditions, which therefore involves minimal interference to the day-to-day running of the business.

By using this method, we image the equipment working under full load and therefore we see problems at their worst.

Thermal imaging is one of if not the most cost effective technologies utilised in predictive maintenance / condition monitoring.

MPAC Ltd. have experienced trained and certified thermographers who can visit your site and image all electrical control panels very efficiently. The images are then downloaded and analysed in software offsite and a full report is provided to you based on this analysis. We can work with an on-site maintenance team or provide the complete repair service ourselves to resolve any problems found.

Because we have a background in industrial automation / maintenance we can offer a complete solution to your company, we also carry over a lot of knowledge from our other business areas to the predictive maintenance solutions and we can help you in dealing with the root cause of the problem not just the problem itself. This is something a lot of other companies who sell / operate imaging equipment cannot provide.


  • Identify potential fire risks in electrical and mechanical systems
  • Identify problems that could lead to failures and unplanned production stoppages
  • Quickly and efficiently get a full report on the complete site electrical system
  • Reduce downtime
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce premature failures
  • Reduce fire risk
  • Insurance compliance (we can provide you with a full report on your electrical system)
  • Identify underlying problems that are otherwise invisible

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