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Rail System

Space and flexibility for precise and quick positioning. In order to meet these requirements, Siegmund offers the ideal solution – the new Rail System with integrated round rail.

Precise installation of our Rail System creates a structured workspace with maximum accuracy and minimum tolerance. For example, at a length of 25 meters, there is a deviation of approx. 2 mm (if installed with adequate measuring equipment). Therefore large-scale workpieces can be manufactured with optimum accuracy.

The combination of tables, connecting frames, and accessories, results in a multitude of clamping options for any size or area. With the help of connecting frames with castors, tables, and accessories are easily moved and fixed on a 100 mm grid. With the versatility of the Rail System, projects of any scope can be quickly positioned, adjusted, and clamped. The Siegmund Rail System stands for quality, precision, and time-saving.

Maximum Precision

Precision of parts, in connection with expert installation of the Rail System using adequate measuring equipment, enable accurate manufacturing,

Modular System

By using the Siegmund modular system you can randomly combine and expand your equipment.

Individually Designed

Regardless of the project you want to implement, we deliver the foundation.

Variable Positioning

Expand your work space in any dimension!