Platform System

In order to address the ever-evolving challenges and maintain a competitive edge in terms of adaptability and accuracy, we have specifically designed a modular platform system for your needs. This system allows for the construction of a well-organized and precise workspace of any dimension. During installation, cutting-edge 3D laser technology is employed to ensure exact alignment. The resulting flat surface features a grid with boreholes and gridlines, significantly easing the handling of large and heavy components. Siegmund clamping devices provide a wide range of clamping solutions, equipping you to tackle upcoming challenges.

These platforms can be installed either below or above ground. To expand your workspace, the platform system can be augmented with additional tables in the future.

Table Legs

For Platform System A table legs from the Siegmund System are used. We recommend a minimum table leg height of 100 mm up to 800 mm. Further table leg heights upon request.

Table Connection

If accessable, the tables are connected with Connecting Bolts (Item No. 280560.N).

Cover Caps top

To avoid grime, the boreholes can be closed with cover caps (Item No. 280238.1).