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Plant Modernisation

Over the years MPAC Ltd. have delivered many projects overhauling, modernising and automating existing plant and equipment for our customers.

These projects are undertaken for many reasons by customers including:

  • Lack of space for new equipment installation
  • High capital costs of new equipment
  • Machine manufacturers no longer in business
    And many more.

Our knowledge and experience not only allows us to restore your equipment to its original operational state but to also make significant improvements that enable you to become more profitable through the introduction of new technology and automation advancements.

Benefits of an equipment upgrade:

  • Increase machine uptime and reliability
  • Reduce operational costs through energy efficient solutions
  • Achieve higher safety standards
  • Reduce operator numbers per operation
  • Reduce operator fatigue through automation
  • Improve cost / performance ratio
  • Capture operational and KPI data from the process
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce machine wear
  • Decrease operational risks
  • Improve cost / performance ratio

Industrial Solutions

Manufactured Solutions

Machine Care

Environmental Solutions


We strive to deliver excellence in our solutions and pride ourselves in working closely with our customer to achieve their goals.