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Mitsubishi LVS


Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers are high capacity circuit protection devices and are often used as the main incoming protective device for the electrical supply in to the building or site. They can also be used for protection of sub circuits where those circuits are of a high capacity.

Mitsubishi Air Circuit Breakers offer legendary performance and protection to your assets and critical infrastructure.

Mitsubishi Inverters are the most reliable drive on the market and offer superior control and performance to your motor control application.

630A to 6300A rating in three frame sizes


Molded Case Circuit Breakers MCCB

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are designed to offer high performance protection of the low voltage network in any commercial or industrial installation. The WS-V series, Mitsubishi’s latest Low voltage circuit breaker provides both overload and short circuit protection to downstream cables and load. Up to 400A with thermal magnetic protection and 400A-1600A with electronic protection

A full range of DC MCCB’s for DC protection in the likes of solar PV and DC bus systems is available

A range of MCCB’s with integrated MDU (Measuring Display Unit) is available

32A to 1600A rating