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Mitsubishi Legacy Products


One of the greatest benefits and least known features of using Mitsubishi Factory Automation Equipment in your plant is that you are never left behind. When you invest in Mitsubishi equipment you can be sure of two things.

  1. The equipment will work without trouble for decades
  2. When the time comes to upgrade to the latest platform there will be a migration path available

Not many manufacturers think of the customers of yesterday when they develop new products. Mitsubishi however always carefully consider the backwards compatibility path with new products and ensure as much as possible they the customers of yesterday are supported tomorrow.

At MPAC we take on many upgrade and modernisation projects for customers and upgrade their hardware often 30+ years old and still operational to the latest Mitsubishi platform with the peace of mind that there will be an upgrade path available meaning minimum downtime for the customer process.

This is an important and often overlooked factor that should be considered when purchasing new automation equipment as the “true cost” of a product is only realised at the end of its life when it is modernised for the next generation product.

If your product is not listed below please contact us for information on how to upgrade to the latest system.