Mitsubishi Drive Systems



Mitsubishi Inverter Drives (Variable Speed Drives) with adjustable frequency power supply are designed to vary the speed of a standard three phase AC induction motor or internal permanent magnet motor.

Mitsubishi Inverters are the most reliable drive on the market and offer superior control and performance to your motor control application.


Mitsubishi Servo Systems are used where high precision motion control is needed. Servo systems can work at high speed and high precision to bring advanced motion control to your applications. Servo motors can work in speed control mode, position control mode, torque control mode or a combination of all of the above with advanced control functionality available

MELSERVO has become one of the most globally respected names in factory automation. And now with safety, ease of use, and energy-efficient design of the new MELSERVO-J4 series man, machine and environment can at last work together in perfect harmony.

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