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What is plasma nitration?

Plasma nitriding is a thermochemical diffusion process for surface layer hardening. The surface layer of a workpiece or component is enriched with nitrogen, which forms a wear and corrosion protection layer on the component surface and in the area close to the surface. It is an extremely low-distortion process for surface hardening, since it only requires very low temperatures.

Plasma nitriding is one of the most environmentally friendly hardening processes because only nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen are required for the hardening process. These gases are the main components of the air. At Siegmund, the required energy is provided exclusively electrically, instead of the fossil fuels that are otherwise customary on the market for heating the components.


Low-wear and durable surfaces


Scratch resistant


Corrosion resistant


Significantly less welding spatter adhesion


Unique to Siegmund is the subsequent BAR coating of the welding tables and many tool parts, which takes place after plasma nitriding. The BAR coating (Black-Anti-Rust Coating) additionally planes the surface and increases protection against rust.


Reinforced rust protection


Additional grading of the surfaces

Proven surface finish

Siegmund’s plasma nitriding is a proven surface treatment for our welding tables. The thermochemical process leads to surfaces that are more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable. Welding spatter adheres significantly less to a table with plasma nitriding than to welding tables without plasma nitriding. As a result, the surface evenness is better preserved even after years. Due to the significant increase in service life and the increased resilience of the welding tables by around 20-30%, plasma nitriding is always worthwhile.

Basic hardness

A high basic hardness is crucial for high impact resistance and the long service life of a welding table. The subsequent plasma nitration and BAR coating results in a surface refinement that hardens the material and protects it from scratches, corrosion and weld spatter adhesion. Only the combination of high basic hardness and plasma nitriding results in a low-wear and durable surface.

Surface hardness