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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Solutions

Since 2011 MPAC Ltd. Have been developing our own line of OEE solutions for manufacturing and processing companies to enable our customers to make and measure the necessary changes that increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness and drive bottom line savings.

What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measurement of how effectively a single piece of equipment, or a group of equipment, or even how an entire factory is being utilised.

The OEE percentage is determined by the cumulative impact of the following three factors:


Availability: is the percentage of the actual running time of the monitored equipment. So this factor is decreased by the activities that cause unplanned downtime.

Performance: is the percentage of how often the monitored equipment performs at optimum speed. So this factor is decreased by the all the factors preventing the equipment from running at optimal speed.

Quality: is the percentage of good quality items produced by the monitored equipment. So this factor is decreased by the amount of produced waste or bad quality and scrapped items.

OEE% = Availability% x Performance% x Quality%

This OEE percentage takes into account all losses in downtime, speed and quality and can therefore be used for analysis and benchmarking.

OEE is a standard, and although lots of companies will manipulate the OEE concept to suit their process it really works best when left in compliance with the standard.

The OEE concept is a measuring system and like all measuring systems if a common scale is used to measure different things then the results can easily be compared and monitored.


How does the MPAC Ltd. OEE solution work?

MPAC Ltd. have developed a “Shop floor to Top floor” solution by utilising our experience in industrial automation to gather information on the factory floor in real-time. This information is typically handled by machine controllers (PLC’s) at this level. It is then passed through a secure industrial communications network to a higher level system (SCADA) interface. The SCADA interface carries out the calculations and handles the data. Information is written to databases (Microsoft SQL server). A reporting package hosted on the SCADA PC is used to generate configurable user reports allowing the system operator to filter results based on their selection criteria.

Because we have a background in industrial automation we truly understand what happens on the factory floor. As Mitsubishi Electric system integrators we typically use their PLC platform to gather information at the factory floor level, this information is gathered from sensors or signals from the production equipment and sometimes from operators via buttons or touchscreen panels.


Why is the MPAC Ltd. OEE solution right for you?


MPAC Ltd. have developed this solution and because of that we can deliver it as a turnkey solution or tailor it to your needs.

Do you already have a network of PLC controllers on the factory floor and an engineering team with the programming capabilities to extract information from them?

No problem. We will work with your team to provide a cost effective solution for you. We can interface with almost any PLC as long as you have access to the program and can give us some basic signals from the process.

Customisable displays to show realtime process information including:

  • Realtime OEE %
  • Realtime Quality %
  • Realtime Performance %
  • Realtime Availability %
  • Shift start and endtime information
  • Number of good parts made
  • Number of reject parts made
  • Predicted total for shift end
  • Number of stoppages

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We strive to deliver excellence in our solutions and pride ourselves in working closely with our customer to achieve their goals.