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When you hear the term “industrial robots”, you may associate this with images of welding or painting processes at automobile plants. Now however, robots are used in many more fields and across applications including logistics, pharma and food manufacturing.

In recent years, skilled labour shortages at manufacturing sites have become an increasing challenge globally so that automation, utilizing robots has become increasingly significant. In addition, the needs for the utilization of robots are diversifying these days as we assign multiple jobs to one robot, not just make it repeat a simple single task as before.

Nevertheless, there are still challenges for the small and mid-sized company to install robots as the working area for humans has to be separated from industrial robots by a safety fence, which requires sufficient space and additional installation costs. The Yaskawa human collaborative robot (HC10) is a new generation of robotics that is capable, affordable, versatile, simple to use and built with the industrial strength for which Yaskawa products are known. These robots are for customers looking for easy automation, a robot to automate tasks, that can work in close proximity to humans.

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When you think of “industrial robots,” you might immediately picture welding or painting processes in automobile factories. However, the scope of robotic applications has expanded considerably in recent years, encompassing fields such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, and food manufacturing.

As the global manufacturing industry faces a growing skilled labor shortage, the importance of automation and the use of robots has become increasingly crucial. Moreover, contemporary robots are now designed to handle multiple tasks rather than merely repeating a single, simple function as they did in the past.

Despite these advancements, small and medium-sized businesses still face challenges when implementing robotic solutions. One such challenge is the necessity to separate human workspaces from industrial robots using safety fences, which demand additional space and installation costs.

Yaskawa’s human-collaborative robot (HC10) offers a new generation of robotics that addresses these concerns. The HC10 is capable, affordable, versatile, user-friendly, and embodies the industrial strength for which Yaskawa products are renowned. Catering to customers seeking straightforward automation, these robots are designed to handle tasks efficiently while working in close proximity to humans.