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As an appointed Systems Integrator for Mitsubishi Electric, MPAC Ltd. Supply and integrate the complete range of factory automation (FA) products. We also resell the product range to other automation companies and end users alike. Having been trained on the product range we pride ourselves in being able to support the product range completely. Discover the advantages of partnering with us as your authorized Mitsubishi Factory Automation products provider. Together, we can elevate your automation capabilities, reduce downtime, and maximize productivity. Join us on the path to a more efficient and competitive future with Mitsubishi Factory Automation products.

Mitsubishi Electric is a globally renowned leader in innovative electrical and electronic equipment. With a rich history spanning over a century, Mitsubishi Electric has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology solutions that have transformed various industries.

From air conditioning and industrial automation to transportation systems and renewable energy, Mitsubishi Electric’s diverse product portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, all driven by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancement.

Mitsubishi Electric’s core values of integrity, quality, and excellence are reflected in its products and services, which are trusted by customers worldwide. Whether it’s energy-efficient air conditioning systems, advanced factory automation solutions, or state-of-the-art visualization and imaging technology, Mitsubishi Electric continues to set industry standards.

With a strong global presence and a focus on creating a better, more sustainable world, Mitsubishi Electric remains at the forefront of innovation, continually striving to meet the evolving needs of society.

  • One of the 200 group companies that make up the Mitsubishi corporation
  • Leading electrical engineering and electronics manufacturer
  • Established 1921
  • Active in 120 countries (32 direct)
  • 100,000 employees
  • Sales of €40 billion annually
  • No. 1 PLC manufacturer Worldwide: Produce about 170,000 PLC’s per month
  • No. 2 Servo manufacturer Worldwide: Produce about 80,000 Servos per month
  • No. 2 Inverter manufacturer Worldwide: Produce about 70,000 Inverters per month
  • No. 2 to 3 CNC Systems manufacturer Worldwide: Produce about 4,500 CNC Systems per month
Welcome to MPAC, your premier source for Yaskawa robotic solutions. As distributors of Yaskawa robots, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge automation technology to industries worldwide. At MPAC, we are committed to excellence and innovation, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced robotic systems available. Whether you require automation solutions for manufacturing, logistics, or any other sector, count on MPAC to provide expert support and unmatched expertise. Join us in embracing the future of automation with Yaskawa robots.

Yaskawa robots are at the forefront of industrial automation, representing a pinnacle of precision, reliability, and versatility. These robotic systems, designed and manufactured by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, are trusted by industries worldwide to enhance productivity and efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Yaskawa robots are renowned for their advanced technology and exceptional performance. They come equipped with state-of-the-art features such as high-speed and high-precision motion control, intuitive programming interfaces, and the ability to work seamlessly alongside human operators in collaborative settings. Whether used in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, or research, Yaskawa robots are adaptable to various tasks, from assembly and welding to material handling and inspection.

What sets Yaskawa apart is its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Their robots are designed to meet the evolving needs of industries, promoting automation as a means to optimize operations, reduce costs, and ensure consistent quality. With Yaskawa robots, businesses can stay competitive and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of automation technology.

Discover the precision and quality of Siegmund welding tables with MPAC. As authorized resellers for Siegmund, we offer you access to premium welding solutions that are trusted by professionals worldwide. Siegmund welding tables are renowned for their robust construction, accuracy, and versatility, making them essential tools for welding and fabrication tasks. At MPAC, we are committed to providing you with top-notch products and exceptional customer service to support your welding needs. Explore the world of Siegmund welding tables through MPAC and elevate your welding projects to the next level.

Siegmund is a renowned name in the world of welding and fabrication, known for producing high-quality welding tables and related equipment. Founded in Germany, Siegmund has established a global reputation for precision, durability, and innovation in the field of metalworking.

Siegmund welding tables are prized by professionals and enthusiasts alike for their exceptional design and engineering. These tables are known for their robust construction, flatness, and versatility, providing a stable and reliable platform for welding, assembly, and other metalworking tasks.

Siegmund’s modular system allows for easy customization and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. In addition to welding tables, Siegmund offers a comprehensive range of accessories and fixtures, further enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of metalworking projects.

Whether you’re a professional welder, metal fabricator, or hobbyist, Siegmund’s products are designed to elevate the quality of your work and simplify your workflow.

Siegmund’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to drive the development of new solutions in the welding and fabrication industry, making them a trusted name for those seeking precision and reliability in their metalworking endeavors.