ST Lite. The smart remote IO solution

Approved for a very wide range of applications, the STlite series features excellent module granularity and fieldbus-agnostic design, making it ideally suited for the requirements of today’s distributed fieldbus systems. The devices are optimised for efficient process-level communication, with scalable performance and high integration density.


Head StationHead Station

Head stations can be connected to the fieldbus systems. Three network configurations are supported.

Profibus DP,
Ethernet (MODBUS TCP/IP)


Head StationPower supply

Modules for connecting the external power supply to the internal bus of 24 V DC



Digital IODigital I/O

Modules for the connection of external digital input and output signals.

Digital inputs: 8 channel module
Digital outputs: 2, 4 & 8 channel modules


Analog I/OAnalog IO

Modules for the connection of external Analog input and output signals.

Analog voltage inputs: 2 & 4 channel 0-10v modules
Analog current inputs: 2 & 4 channel 4-20mA modules
Analog voltage outputs: 2 & 4 channel 0-10v module
Analog current outputs: 2 & 4 channel 4-20mA modules


Analog IOSpecial function I/O

Modules for the integration of special applications like counting, interfacing and encoding.

Dedicated temperature inputs: 2 channel PT100 modules
Dedicated encoder inputs: 3 channel incremental encoder interface modules
Counter modules: up / down counter module
SSI transmitter interface: