Industrial Network Solutions

In a modern automation environment, the use of industrial networks to transmit large amounts of data from machine to machine and from factory floor to proc control equipment is commonplace. Mitsubishi Electric offer many network solutions including dedicated Mitsubishi networks as well as interface modules to support other network types.


This high-speed field network is capable of control and information handling.



CC-Link IE FieldCC-Link IE Field

This high-speed field network extends from I/O to controller based architecture and offers a flexible wiring concept to match the needs of any device layout.


CC-Link SafetyCC-Link Safety

This safety field network can be used to construct a safety system to protect production sites/areas from operational hazards.


CC-Link IE ControlCC-Link IE Control

This controller-to-controller network enables high-speed communication and high-volume data transmission, with seamless communication not interrupted by layers.



This high level network connects departments throughout the factory.




This high performance fiber optic motion and servo control network offers electrical noise immunity, long distance communication and high speed all in one network.

PC interface boardPC interface board

Interface board for directly embedding CC-Link IE or CC-Link into a personal computer.



A control network for connecting manufacturing devices at a high level.



This MODBUS module connects with MODBUS compatible devices such as temperature controllers and measuring instruments. MODBUS modules are available for both serial and TCP/IP MODBUS



Interface module for PROFIBUS network.



Interface module for DeviceNet network.



Serial communicationSerial communication

Various serial communication modules support collecting, modifying, monitoring and controlling PLC and third party data.
Available network modules



An interface module that can be connected to an FL-net network.




An interface module that provides support for AS-i networks.