Energy Monitoring Devices

Monitors all energy assets on the plant floor with EnergyPAQ – a scalable energy hub and smart energy control capable solution with an HMI you can customize to show critical energy data, alarms in real-time and serve energy data to an energy information layer reporting software.

Energy Monitoring Devices – EnergyPAQ

Scalable and comprehensive energy monitoring solution for measuring all energy types including Electrical, Water, Air, Gas, and Steam.


EnergyPAQ is a self-contained solution which will track, display and store critical power consumption data from multiple power circuits around any plant or facility.

Key Features:

  • Complete solution – monitoring and display firmware is pre-loaded
  • Multiple logging options
  • Compatible with LEM ‘Wi-LEM’ series wireless measurement modules
  • Web-based dashboard display option
  • Demand response capable
  • Enclosure dimensions (W x H x D) in: 16 x 20 x 8.6

EnergyPAQ Selection Chart

Model Number Number of Circuits Power Supply Circuit Types
110V 1ph 220V 1ph 220V 3ph 380V 3ph 440V 3ph 460-480V 3ph 220-6600V 3ph
EP1-1 1 X X X X (*1) X (*1) X (*2) X (*3)
EP1-2 2 X X X X (*1) X (*1) X (*2) X (*3)
EP1-3 3 X X X X (*1) X (*1) X (*2) X (*3)
EP1-4 4 X X X X (*1) X (*1) X (*2) X (*3)
EP1-5 5 X X X X (*1) X (*1) X (*2) X (*3)
EP1-W (*4) Wireless X X X X X X


  1. Direct 440V is not suitable for UL applications with QE81WH module.
  2. Only 4-wire WYE system for direct connection. Not a standard option, contact local representative.
  3. 110V, 220V direct connection is possible. Above 440V~6600V voltage transformer (VT) is required. EMU-CTxxx, Current Transformers (CTs) are required for current sensing rated for low voltage (480V system). Current selection – 50, 100, 250, 400, and 600 Amps.
  4. Supports wireless option. Wireless electric measurement module is not included.

EnergyPAQ uses the QE81WH energy monitoring module. Detailed web-based dashboards show exactly where energy is being used.

  • Building Performance

    energy management

  • Equipment Analysis

    energy management1

  • Zone Analysis

    energy management2