E700FR-E700SC Series Variable Frequency Drives

The FR-E700SC VFD offers the motor performance usually associated with high power sensorless vector control motor drives in a compact drive package.

Key Benefits

  • 5 year warranty – For extra peace of mind
  • Safety drive capability – Eliminate the need for an extra contactor for operator safety
  • Built-in MODBUS® RTU communications – Seamless integration into control systems
  • 120:1 speed range – Fast acceleration and excellent motor starting torque for heavy loads
  • Auto-tuning capability – Maximize the performance of 3rd party motors quickly and easily
  • Integral USB port – Allows quick and simple set-up from a PC
  • Built-in dynamic braking circuit – Allows for simple installation of brake resistors for heavy deceleration
  • Multiple communication options – Communicate with the drive over a wide range of fieldbus or Ethernet networks