MPAC win Distributor of the year Award from Mitsubishi Electric.

I am truly honoured to accept the distributor of the year award from Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi have been an important and influential part of my business over the past number of years and have helped me to grow the business not only by supplying great products but also in being great partners, The Mitsubishi team have supported us and worked … Read More

Another automation panel ready to go!

This one will control a main biomass and standby gas boiler as well as the primary hot water pumps. We are working on some Mitsubishi GOT 2000 series HMI’s with remote access to provide an interface to the operators and engineering team.

Mitsubishi AE1000 Air Circuit Breakers

Our guys pulled out all the stops to get these two Mitsubishi AE1000 air circuit breakers retrofitted in the place of two old obsolete breakers. The project included the removal of the old breakers the modification of the copper busbars to suit the Mitsubishi units and the replacement of the ATS (automatic transfer system), which we built with a Mitsubishi … Read More

MPAC Visit Mitsubishi Offices for MAPS meeting.

I have had such a positive couple of days with Mitsubishi in the offices of the Benelux branch for the biennial MAPS expert group meeting. So what is MAPS? MAPS is Mitsubishi’s SCADA and advanced HMI system. Quite simply wherever visualisation, logging or control is a necessity MAPS has a solution. MAPS is a 64-bit SCADA system designed for process … Read More

Mitsubishi AE2000SW 2000A Air Circuit Breaker

Our guys have a Mitsubishi AE2000SW 2000A Air Circuit Breaker up on the bench at the minute testing the accessories they have installed and setting the electronic trip relay. MPAC Ltd have factory certification and training on the assembly and maintenance of Mitsubishi’s switchgear range. We also have the Y2005 switchgear testing equipment needed to carry out functional testing of … Read More

The Mitsubishi FX5U PLC: A powerful and versatile compact controller.

The Mitsubishi FX5U PLC is one of the most powerful and versatile compact controllers on the market. It’s cost effective enough to run a simple motor control panel and yet powerful enough to carry out high speed high precision synchronised servo control on up to four axis. And pretty much everything in between. The guys are running some final tests … Read More

How can you prepare today’s factory for tomorrow’s world ?

CC-Link IE solves the first critical challenge facing the new generation of connected factories, the 1Gbps network offers performance up to 10 times that of similar protocols available today, enough to satisfy the most data-hungry modern manufacturing processes. A CC-Link IE network can form the backbone of the factories information infrastructure. Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products such as PLC controllers, … Read More