MPAC win Distributor of the year Award from Mitsubishi Electric.

I am truly honoured to accept the distributor of the year award from Mitsubishi Mitsubishi have been an important and influential part of my business over the past number of years and have helped me to grow the business not only by supplying great products but also in being great partners, The Mitsubishi team have supported us and worked closely with us throughout the year (and years) and I really appreciate their efforts, the award signifies a recognition from Mitsubishi that our team also has been working hard to promote, sell and integrate their products.

I am very excited for the coming years as we now have within our company the best team that we have ever had, Mitsubishi currently have the strongest product portfolio that they have ever had, their products perform better, work harder and last longer than anyone else’s. They are a market leader and a top tier world class manufacturer. I also believe that although there are lots of challenges out there in the market right now, there are also lots of opportunities. The theme of our conference this year was “forward together” and this is exactly how we will overcome these challenges and succeed by moving forward together. Thank you Mitsubishi for being a great company and a great partner.