Mitsubishi AE1000 Air Circuit Breakers

Our guys pulled out all the stops to get these two Mitsubishi AE1000 air circuit breakers retrofitted in the place of two old obsolete breakers. The pMitsubishi AE1000 air circuit breakersroject included the removal of the old breakers the modification of the copper busbars to suit the Mitsubishi units and the replacement of the ATS (automatic transfer system), which we built with a Mitsubishi FX3S plc and a GT2103 HMI to give the owner information on the power system status. Energy monitoring is done with Mitsubishi ME96 multifunction meters. The installation had to be done between Saturday night close of business and Sunday morning reopen with no margin for error. We aren’t exactly looking for Saturday night work, however it’s great to know that our guys step up to the mark when needs be and get the job done. I also have to thank Mitsubishi Electric Ireland for all the help with our switchgear projects, when we have to retrofit a new Mitsubishi unit in place of an old obsolete unit there is a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes to ensure our equipment will marry up with the installation, the local Mitsubishi team is a great resource and a great help to our team.