MPAC Conveyor Solutions

shutterstock_121176004MPAC Ltd. have developed a smart conveyor solution for customers with assembly or packing lines. We can build a number of different options including,

  • Belt conveyors
  • Gravity roller track
  • Line shaft driven roller conveyors
  • MDR (motorised drive roller) smart conveyor systems

As part of our materials handling solutions we can build and integrate other automated equipment to support and further automate the assembly or packaging process, this equipment can include

  • Product lifters
  • Product lowerators
  • Transfer stations
  • Weighing solutions
  • Product tracking
  • OEE data collection

Conveyor systems can be designed and built in different material finishes to suit customer specifications including complete stainless steel construction to comply with food industry standards. Systems are suitable of many standard and non standard applications including

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Plastic Totes
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Large cans (such as paint)
  • Drums & Barrels
  • Pallets & frames

Because we design and build the system, we can make a solution to suit your materials handling needs.

Why use the MPAC conveyor solution?

We design and build the complete system using materials and components from our partners around the world,

  • All manufacturing and assembly is done by us
  • All the automation is done by us
  • Systems are built and automated to meet your needs
  • Smart automation and integration increases productivity and reduces operating costs
  • Process monitoring and management software can be integrated to give a highly efficient solution

We understand automation so we deliver highly productive solutions to meet your expectations

What makes our smart conveyor solution so “smart”?

Performance driven systems engineered using components from manufacturers and partners who we trust and have built up excellent relationships with over the years. These companies are industry leaders in motor, gearbox, and electronic control equipment the world over.

Safety is a key design feature in our MDR system, all our MDR roller conveyors are supplied with extremely reliable low voltage 24vdc motorised drive rollers and control circuitry.

Flexibility is inbuilt into every MPAC MDR roller conveyor system, our ZPA (zero pressure accumulation) system works to ensure each zone of the conveyor system is monitoring and controlling what is going on. ZPA control means that the conveyor control system ensures that no product will bump into any upstream or downstream product by controlling how and when the zone is allowed to advance.

There are options for running the system in the following configurations.

Singulation: In Singulation Release Mode, each zone waits until the zone in front of it is clear before it is allowed to run. This mode assures at least a zone-length of gap between loads as they are being conveyed.

Train: For zones configured for Train Release Mode; when the downstream train zone releases, all subsequent upstream zones begin to run simultaneously. This makes the MDR conveyor operate similar to a conventional single drive roller conveyor in that all loads move at once but product will never touch and if new product enters upstream it will join the “train” just like an additional carriage

Gap train: Gap Train is a variant to Train release in that it incorporates a fixed time delay prior to allowing the loads to move.

Automation is the backbone of our solution, we build the system and write the control software so when you need something a little bit special we can deliver it and integrate it seamlessly into your system

Clarity is what we offer with a range of control layer solutions which both visualise the system and gather and track important KPI’s from the operation


  • Line availability information
  • Stoppage reports
  • Production tracking
  • Quality and reject tracking
  • OEE reporting
  • KPI reporting

Whatever the operation the MPAC Ltd. range of material handling solutions can help you move your business forward.