MPAC Vibration analysis

Since 2005 MPAC Ltd. have been carrying out predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services for customers in all industries across the county, we have developed a strong understanding of the various technologies used in industrial and commercial predictive maintenance and have invested in state of the art equipment to allow us to carry out inspections on electrical and mechanical systems for our customers.

MPAC Ltd. can offer vibration analysis services to customers for condition monitoring on mechanical rotating systems including

  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Fans and blowers
  • Compressors
  • And many more standard and non-standard rotating machine types

Our system is based on the Mitsubishi / FAG SCM kit which we also sell and integrate for customers. Our offering as a vibration analysis service differentiates itself from other vibration analysis surveys where a “spot check is carried out” and the short sample gathered is analysed.

Our survey involves fitting an SCM kit to your machine and teaching the system to the conditions present, we then leave the system in place for a period of time and the SCM kit will display any anomalies via the built in touchscreen. Once the data gathering period is complete we remove the system and download the complete dataset for offsite analysis.

This method allows us to build a bigger picture of the machine over a period of time and can give a lot of information not only about the bearings but also other things such as Misalignment, Imbalance, Gearmesh problems, Resonance problems and poor foundations beneath the machine leading to increased vibration.

Because this condition method is more time consuming than traditional spot check type surveys it can be cost prohibitive to apply this to every machine in the facility however if applied to the key items of plant it can give much better results and much more accurate analysis than just spot checking. This deeper analysis allows the root cause of failures to be identified for important or expensive machines.

1Because we offer a spectrum of condition monitoring services we can combine vibration analysis, electrical systems analysis, thermal imaging and oil analysis to discover the root cause of failures and keep your equipment working correctly.

Since 2014 we have been developing systems that go one step further, “Smart” condition monitoring systems which are installed on key plant and equipment and monitor in real-time 24/7 the important parameters that are vital to the integrity of your equipment and your business.

We now can supply customers with smart condition monitoring solutions that allow plant operators and in house maintenance teams to identify and diagnose complex problems such as

  • Bearing problems
  • Misalignment
  • Imbalance
  • Gearmesh problems
  • Resonance problems
  • Unstable damaged or loose foundations beneath equipment

This revolutionary system was developed between Mitsubishi Electric and Schaeffler the parent company for FAG bearings. FAG are one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers and therefore have an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of vibration analysis for condition monitoring.

FAG developed state of the art sensing technology which is unmatched in terms of its accuracy in monitoring and identifying vibrational frequencies which are emitted from every moving piece of equipment, different occurrences have unique vibrational signatures, the key to the success of this solution is its ability to automatically identify and separate the different frequencies and categorise them.

No other system available can match this solution in terms of performance and features.

Using FFT analysis  “Fast Fourier Transformation” the sensor can monitor a piece of plant or equipment for many different problems. The complex time signal coming from the sensor is the sum of all vibration frequencies. If this time signal is ‘separated’ into the frequency components, those frequencies can be assigned to certain failure modes





The sensor (or multiple sensors depending on the application) are connected to a Mitsubishi controller and HMI over an ethernet network. All the data from the sensor can be viewed on the HMI by operators and maintenance technicians.

Some of the features available to viw on the HMI are as follows.

Current status, Realtime measurement, 24hr average, Worst measurement since last reset, Historical alarms, Trending.

These are just some of the many functions available on the system

All historical information can also be downloaded from the system for monitoring or further advanced root cause analysis on PC based software

Our smart condition monitoring solutions can give your operation the benefit of forward vision.

  • High machine and plant availability
  • Reduces unscheduled production downtime.
  • Allows maintenance and repair intervals to be extended (less maintenance).
  • Unnecessary repairs are minimized
  • Better use of time and resources
  • Further reduced spares inventory
  • Support for IoT – Industry 4.0 – OEE


We can supply Smart condition monitoring to customers directly as a preconfigured unit ready for use or we can integrate the system for the customer as well as offering customised variations such as PC based monitoring, remote access HMI solutions, additional parameter monitoring etc.

Talk to us today to see how Smart condition monitoring can improve your business

(also see our machine care solutions to see how we can implement SCM as a service without the need for you to invest in equipment)