MPAC Total Machine Care

shutterstock_189087026Since 2005 MPAC Ltd. have been carrying out predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services for customers in all industries across the county, we have developed a strong understanding of the various technologies used in industrial and commercial predictive maintenance and have invested in state of the art equipment to allow us to carry out inspections on electrical and mechanical systems for our customers.
MPAC Ltd. can offer a total machine care solution to customers where we implement and carry out a complete condition monitoring service on a customer’s machine or group of machines. This service includes us inspecting and testing equipment using the applicable technologies to ensure your plant and equipment is operating at its optimum performance level and to prevent unplanned production stoppages due to equipment failure.

shutterstock_242956156Where we discover anomalies we endeavour to find the root cause of the problem, this process ensures recurring issues on plant and equipment are eliminated.
MPAC Ltd. can work with an in-house maintenance team, or take complete ownership of the maintenance program carrying out corrective actions and providing detailed maintenance reports to production and management teams.

Because a lot of our specialist maintenance technologies support in-service testing we can monitor and test equipment during production.

shutterstock_104090384A big advantage of this approach is that maintenance downtime is reduced. So many maintenance procedures are carried out when the machine is out of service, this can involve shutting down an complete line to inspect some equipment, very often in these “routine” maintenance shutdowns parts are exchanged and replaced without any real data on the condition of the part, and other parts which may be close to failure are overlooked as they are not written into the “routine” maintenance schedule. If you ever have had a production stoppage due to a failed component shortly after a service shutdown you will know first-hand the pitfalls associated with “routine” or “scheduled” maintenance.

Another issue with carrying out inspections when the production is not running is that there is no load on the equipment, even defective equipment can perform ok under minimal load. Of course it is not always possible to access every part of a machine or plant when production is running but for the most part our equipment and technologies allows us to inspect, monitor and log equipment performance when the process is running and any potential faults or weak points will be highlighted and exasperated due to higher electrical and mechanical loads.