Industrial Solutions

  • Consultation & Design

    MPAC Ltd. provide a professional design and consultancy service to our clients in the following areas: Commercial and industrial electrical installation, Industrial automation, Energy reduction projects, Operating cost reduction projects… [READ MORE]

  • OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness)

    Since 2011 MPAC Ltd. Have been developing our own line of OEE solutions for manufacturing and processing companies to enable our customers to make and measure the necessary changes that increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness and drive bottom line savings… [READ MORE]

  • Energy & Co2 Usage Reduction (ESCO)

    Since 2005 MPAC Ltd. have been carrying out energy reduction projects for customers. Initially these projects involved us doing site surveys with our range of specialised power analysis and data logging instruments, studying captured data… [READ MORE]

  • Industrial Automation

    As Mitsubishi Electric systems integrators MPAC Ltd. have a wealth of experience in industrial automation and controls. We have many turnkey automation projects completed to date and have a competency … [READ MORE]

  • Panel Building

    MPAC Ltd. offer services for Design, Build, Installation and Commissioning on a wide range of Electrical distribution, Motor control & Instrumentation Systems. Each of these disciplines are often combined to give a full turnkey electrical systems package which can offer substantial cost savings against independent sourcing… [READ MORE]

  • Plant Modernisation

    Over the years MPAC Ltd. have delivered many projects overhauling, modernising and automating existing plant and equipment for our customers. These projects are undertaken for many reasons by customers including: Lack of space for new equipment installation,  High capital costs of new equipment, Machine manufacturers no longer in business… [READ MORE]

  • M2M (Industry 4.0)

    MPAC Ltd. work closely with our suppliers and partners to deliver advanced solutions to our customers. We can offer machine to machine (M2M) and telemetry solutions … [READ MORE]