How can you prepare today’s factory for tomorrow’s world ?

CC-Link IECC-Link IE solves the first critical challenge facing the new generation of connected factories, the 1Gbps network offers performance up to 10 times that of similar protocols available today, enough to satisfy the most data-hungry modern manufacturing processes.

A CC-Link IE network can form the backbone of the factories information infrastructure. Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products such as PLC controllers, AC speed drives, Servo motor controllers, HMI touch screens, Robots etc. All the critical equipment which is carrying out the work in the factory are compatible with CC-Link IE.MES Interface System

Collected data from the factory floor at the “machine control” level can easily be transferred to ERP / CRM systems at the I.T layer of the business management world with products such as the MES Interface Modules for the iQ-R PLC. These modules allow information to be passed up and down, to and from the factory floor in a very efficient manner.

In all, Mitsubishi’s approach to factory automation is still to provide the best performing and most reliable products on the market, but with that additional layer of control and connect-ability to ensure your process is not only viable in the future but also robust and competitive.