Greasebuster Fat Skimmer

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) is becoming a major problem to the water companies as FOG backs up the drain networks and causes blockages in pumping stations. Not only is it a problem for Water Companies but processing companies will find FOG causing internal blocked drains, increasing water bills due to higher COD charges, increased rodent problems on premises and risk of prosecution.

MPAC Ltd. provide highly targeted solutions based on your individual circumstances.

By utilising a combination of effective bacterial dosing and the Greasebuster™ Fat Skimmer, you will have peace of mind that your FOG levels will be drastically reduced and you will not be breaching consent limits.

In addition to preventing fats entering the sewer system high fat generating entities such as food processing factories and fast food outlets and restaurants often find fats block up their internal drains leading to inconvenience and high costs for drain cleaning. Smart Storm trademarked Greasebuster ™ bacteria can be injected into the drains through a small dosing pump on a regular basis to ensure free flowing drains at all times.

2Simple effective technology

Placed directly into the tank, the simple technology allows for effective removal of oils from the surface of the water using hydrophobic belt materials which attract fats, oils and greases but reject water.

This belt works continuously to lift FOG from the waste water whilst rejecting water. The FOG is then scraped from the belt and deposited into a collection vessel for recovery.

In above ground tanks the Greasebuster can be attached to the wall of the tank and in underground tanks the flotation variant allows the Greasebuster to float in the tank and FOG is removed with an integral slurry pump to a surface collection vessel


3Prevention is better than cure

By removing FOG at source, the Greasebuster offers many benefits that can produce lower effluent bills, reduce waste and prevent prosecution.

  • Reduced COD and Suspended solids produce lower effluent bills.
  • Compliance with discharge consents reduces risk of prosecution.
  • Oil reclamation generates income.
  • Prevention of sewer blockages stops downstream cleaning costs.
  • Produces a positive environmental impact.


4Robust technology and control

The Greasebuster main frame is made of high chemical resistant and high temperature grade Polypropylene with stainless steel roller bearings. A programmable motor speed controller, 5.5KW invertor and 3-phase geared motor provide variable speed and both continuous and timed periodic running.



5Heavy duty oil and surface sludge removal

The Greasebuster is highly effective at removing heavy duty sludge, often found in dairy and bakery waste where fats and creams are bound up with flour. These heavy type materials are easily removed and with the aid of an optional heater element flow freely into the collection vessel.


6High removal capacity

The Greasebuster™ is manufactured in either 800mm or 1200mm belts which can remove up to 50m3 of FOG per day. The Greasebuster is specifically designed for large scale industrial use.



Belt Length: 1200mm or 800mm

Belt Width: 500mm

Electrical supply: 3 phase 400vac or 1 phase 230vac

Motor: 5.5kw

Body Material: Polypropylene / stainless steel

Fixings: Fixed mounting brackets or floatation tanks

Heater: Optional heated element to prevent solidification of fats

Timer: Optional timer control

Surface Guides: Floating booms to direct FOG onto belt